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We believe that current Information Technology [IT] Industry needs Smart Stack IT People. And what is exciting is that this need will still be growing in the future. The Smart Stack IT Skills covers at least these Seven Layers : Programming, Networking, Systems, Telecoms, Design & Architecture, Operations, Thinking & Methodology.

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Articles & Videos

We know that your time is precious and you may need to learn at anytime. Sometimes, images and audios are fine for practical stuff. That is why we provide you these two most popular ways of learning : Reading or Watching.
Member & Group

The Group account allow many persons to access the platform. Could be used as a shared credential for teams, school, work colleagues, friends, etc. You can even become a reseller with this type of account // amazing :}
Anywhere & Anyhow

We beleive that knowledge should be accessible from anywhere by any available means. With your account you can have multiple connections(sessions) at the same time, from multiple devices.
Pricing For Everyone

The need for IT skills is growing anywhere. We beleive that money should not stop someone to learn & build techs skills. We provide you free and paid content. Our pricing start from 1$. You can even get free access // Just let us know :}
Duration For Everyone

We know that sometimes you just want to get access to some ressources for a specific period. We let you register either for Days or Months or Weeks or Years. We can even provide you a specific duration // Just let us know :}
Content By Category

We know that your time is precious. Whereas the IT industry is growing rapidly in terms of concepts & technologies. That is why our content is well structured by categories. We can even build for you a specific category // Just let us know :}
Topics Overview

Teach you real world programming and start building your own products. Courses on : Algorithms & Data Structures • Web & Mobile Apps developement • Desktop Software Developement • API Developement • SQL & NoSQL Databases • Windows & Linux Scripting • ML & TensorFlow • MongoDB & Cassandra • Python • Java • Android • Rust • C/C++ • C#/WPF • Golang • HTML/CSS • Elixir • TCL • Redis & MemCache • Flask & Django • Kotlin • Swift • GraphQL • JavaScript • ReactJS & Lua • VueJS & AngularJS • XML/JSON/YAML • WxPython & Tkinter • ZeroMQ & RabbitMQ • Batch & PowerShell & Bash • 2D Games • etc.
Networking & Telecoms

Learn IP Network & Protocols and start building network infrastructure. Learn fundamentals building blocks of telecommunications network. Courses on : Web Protocols • Cisco Certifications • IP Routing & Switching • Data Center Networks • Cisco IOS • Juniper Junos • Cisco IOS-XR • Cisco NxOS • 4G & 5G Networks • Optical Network • IP/MPLS & Service Provider Networks • IP Security & IPsec VPN • Network Automation • Sofware Defined Network • IP Multicast • Campus WAN Network • DMVPN & SDWAN • BGP In Real World • ToIP With Cisco • CUCM/CME • Cisco ASA Firewall • IPv6 etc.
Advanced IT Design

Learn how to design software & network and start designing any complex IT systems. Design courses on : API • OOP • IP Routing • Systems Design • Microservices • Web App & Mobile App • Secure Software • Backend Systems • Algorithms • Enterprise Network • Data Center Network • Service Provider Network • Distributed Systems • Cloud Network • Data Modeling • SD-WAN • IP/MPLS Network • IPsec VPN • Distributed Database • BGP & IXP Peering • ToIP Network • ISP & IXP Network • Telecoms Core Network • Internet Connectivity • Radio Access Network • Redundant Systems • Network Security etc.
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Mentor Online

This special event happens often. The live presentation will focus on a specific topic. It could also be a lab session or live demo. Once planned, an invitation will be sent to your email (if you are registered or subscribed to our newsletter).
Ask the Mentor

This special event happens more often. During the live you will be able to ask all your questions about some predefined topics. Once scheduled, an invitation will be sent to your email (if you are registered or subscribed to our newsletter).
Online Workshop

This special event happens often. It consists of providing training or presentation session in person. The topic(s) and the prerequisites will be shared earlier to attendees. Once scheduled, it will be adverstised on the website and you will have to register before.
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